Comparing Citrus-Based vs. Traditional RV Water Treatment Systems

Comparing Citrus-Based vs. Traditional RV Water Treatment Systems

13th Nov 2023

When it comes to maintaining the water quality in your RV, investing in a reliable water treatment system is crucial. Two popular options that RV owners often consider are citrus-based water treatment systems and traditional ones. In this blog post, our team at NuvoH2O will explore the differences between these two systems and help you make an informed decision for your RV's water needs. Get in touch with us today to purchase your RV Water Treatment System.


Citrus-based water treatment systems, such as those offered by NuvoH2O, utilize natural ingredients derived from citrus fruits to effectively treat water. These systems work by using the power of citrus to prevent the accumulation of scale and eliminate the need for harsh chemicals. On the other hand, traditional RV water treatment systems rely on chemical additives to achieve similar results. While both options can be effective, the natural approach of citrus-based systems appeals to those seeking eco-friendly solutions.

Ease of Installation

When it comes to installing a water treatment system in your RV, simplicity and convenience are essential. Citrus-based systems typically come with straightforward installation processes that require minimal tools and time. Traditional water treatment systems, on the other hand, may involve more complex procedures and additional equipment. If you value simplicity and want to get your system up and running quickly, a citrus-based system could be the better choice.

Maintenance and Cost

Maintenance and cost considerations are critical factors when comparing water treatment systems for your RV. Citrus-based systems often require less maintenance, as they rely on replaceable cartridges that need to be changed every few months. Additionally, citrus-based systems eliminate the need for costly chemical additives, making them a cost-effective long-term solution. Traditional systems may require more frequent maintenance and the ongoing purchase of chemicals, which can add up over time.

Water Taste

One of the main benefits of investing in a water treatment system for your RV is enhancing the taste and quality of the water you consume. Citrus-based systems, like NuvoH2O, are known for their ability to improve the taste of water by reducing scale and mineral buildup. Traditional systems may also improve water taste, but the use of chemical additives can sometimes affect the flavor. If having great-tasting water is a priority, a citrus-based system might be the better option for you.

Both citrus-based and traditional water treatment systems have their merits, but for RV owners seeking natural, easy-to-install, low-maintenance, and cost-effective options that enhance water taste, citrus-based systems such as those offered by NuvoH2O are worthy contenders. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our RV Water Treatment System or to purchase yours!

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