NuvoH2O Auto-ship Program

NuvoH2O not only offers a revolutionary solution to hard water, we also offer an easy way to maintain your system and keep the soft water flowing uninterrupted. When you sign up for the Replacement Cartridge Auto-Ship program, you can rest assured knowing that when your softening cartridge begins to run low, your new cartridge is already on its way to you.

Not to mention, you’ll save some serious money. All cartridges sent out on auto-ship receive a 10% discount and FREE shipping!

Program Benefits

The water that flows through you pipes and out your faucets is one of those things that you don’t often think about, until there is a problem. It’s our aim to prevent scale buildup from being on that ‘problem’ list. By joining the auto-ship program your new cartridge will be on your doorstep in 3- or 6-month interval – the interval is decided on by you and can be changed at your discursion. This means that before your system’s cartridge has a chance to run out of softening medium, leaving your water hard and your pipes unprotected, your new cartridge is ready to be installed. No remembering, calling, or guessing involved.

Let’s not forget that you’ll save money! 10% and free shipping to be exact.

It’s Easy and Secure

The credit card you make your purchase with will be encrypted and stored within our secure system and charged when each cartridge is sent out. You will receive an email notifying you of the charge to your card, as well as a shipping confirmation email with tracking number.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity! This discount and free shipping offer will not be available for one-time cartridge purchases. There is no contract required and you can cancel at any time. If you need to update or change your credit number, you can easily do this within your account at