Hard Water


Hard water buildup is one of the most common water issues present in the U.S.

It can lead to a whole host of problems around your home and lead to higher utility bills. NuvoH2O offers hard water treatment that doesn’t damage the environment and is more convenient than a lot of the traditional methods of treating hard water buildup. If you suspect you have hard water buildup in your home, SHOP our collection of water softeners today!

What Is Hard Water?

Hard Water? Isn’t that just ice? Well, no. Water is actually classified as “hard” if the concentration of minerals like magnesium and calcium is high enough. The minerals in water are picked up by water as it passes through soil and rock. You cannot detect hard water just by looking at it. You may have hard water if you are noticing things like higher utility bills, scale buildup and spots that are hard to remove from your shower or sink. Hard water is very common and is believed to account for about 85% of water in the United States.

Signs of Hard Water

Signs of hard water can manifest in various ways, often leaving visible traces of its presence in your daily life. One of the most common indicators is the buildup of white, chalky deposits, known as limescale, on faucets, showerheads, and fixtures. You may also notice stubborn spots and streaks on glassware, dishes, and even your car after washing.

Hard water can take a toll on your laundry, causing clothes to feel stiff and fade over time. In the bathroom, soap scum may accumulate more rapidly on shower tiles and glass, requiring frequent cleaning. Furthermore, hard water can affect the performance and longevity of water-using appliances like water heaters and dishwashers, often leading to higher energy bills and the need for costly repairs. These signs collectively paint a clear picture of the presence of hard water in your home, underscoring the importance of addressing water hardness to protect your possessions and enjoy the benefits of softer, cleaner water.

Problems Caused By Hard Water Buildup

Hard water buildup does not pose any threats to your health but it does work to make your pipes and water heater less efficient. It can also reduce the efficiency of the soaps and detergents you use. Washing your clothes in hard water can make them wear out faster. It can cause showerheads to clog and soap scum to accumulate around your bathtub and shower. Hard water buildup makes cleaning more difficult and can cause damage to shower glass that may be permanent. It can cause damage to your water-using appliances and makes it more difficult to get your dishes clean. Hard water buildup can lead to clogged pipes, irritated skin, harder-to-manage hair, and it will likely increase your utility bills.

What Can You Do About Hard Water Buildup?

NuvoH2O's water softeners use citrus, not salt to prevent and remove the effects of hard water. By doing so, it maintains the beneficial materials and makes the treated water healthier and better-tasting. It works by binding to the hard mineral ions and lowering the PH in the water. Try our environmentally-friendly water softeners today!

Hard water build up is a pain and causes a lot of problems around your home. Fortunately, NuvoH2O has a solution. Our water softeners are environmentally-friendly and have a tiny footprint. You don’t have to live with the issues hard water buildup causes. Shop our collection of water softeners today!

Find Limescale Removal and Hard Water Treatment

Discovering effective limescale removal and hard water treatment methods is essential for maintaining the quality of your water and extending the life of your appliances. Fortunately, NuvoH2O has a solution. Our water softeners are environmentally friendly and have a tiny footprint. You don’t have to live with the issues hard water buildup causes. Shop our collection of water softeners or get in touch to learn more about hard water buildup today!

The Benefits of Salt-Free Water Softening

Good for Plants

Smooth Running Appliances and Fixtures

Softer Fabrics, Skin, and Hair

Environmentally Friendly