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So you have purchased or you are about to purchase your salt-free water softener. You’re excited about the benefits that this system will bring to your home, and you’re ready to learn how to install the unit. Well, we’ve got you covered.

Following these steps will allow you to begin using your home’s salt-free water softening system in just about an hour!

Before You Install Whole Home Water Softeners

The NuvoH2O® softener is very easy to install thanks to the intuitive nature of our patented CitraCharge® technology. However, because installation requires specialized tools and includes processes such as the cutting of your home’s main water line, we recommend that you hire a professional to ensure the job gets done quickly and correctly. We have hundreds of experienced technicians who install our products throughout the United States and Canada. For help in finding an installer, please call our customer service department or use our Installer Locator on this website.

Install Whole Home Water Softeners On Your Own

Because our innovative, compact design includes no electronics, no drain, and no calibration, the system can be located in places other softeners can't go. It also requires no floor space, meaning installers can simply mount the NuvoH2O softener on the main cold water line, and you're on your way to enjoying soft, conditioned water. This process will take a fraction of the time it would if you were to install whole home water softeners.

What You Get When You Purchase One of Our Water Softeners

In addition to the NuvoH2O softener and its cartridge, the NuvoH2O softener package also includes a mounting back plate, mounting bracket, screws, housing wrench and detailed installation instructions (if the video was not enough of an explanation). With the right tools and an experienced installer, a standard installation will usually take about an hour.

Replacing Your Water Softening Cartridge

While we do suggest that installation is done by one of our experienced installers, cartridge replacement, on the other hand, is a snap and can usually be done by the homeowner in about five minutes. All one needs to do is turn off the water supply to the NuvoH2O unit, unscrew the housing unit, remove the used cartridge, and replace with the new one. This process is simple and can be done by just about anyone. If you have any questions when doing this process on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to your installer or one of our representatives.

NuvoH2O Water Softener Systems

At NuvoH2O, we provide the best water softening systems for your home. Not only do we offer hard water solutions without salt, but the NuvoH2O is also easy to install and deliver refreshing soft water to your home in just about sixty minutes. When you install whole home water softeners with NuvoH2O, you can say goodbye to scaling and hello to fresh, clean, soft water — all with the power of citrus. Want to learn more? Contact us, or call us toll-free at the number listed above.