The NuvoH2O Difference

It's Citrus. Not Salt.

We Soften Water

With Citrus. Not Salt

Hard water is one of the biggest water concerns for most homeowners across the country. About 85% of us are afflicted with this kind of water and the conditions that come with it. The old-fashioned way to rid your home of hard water was to use an ion exchange system, more commonly known as a salt-based water softener. There are several drawbacks to systems like this. They are bulky, inconvenient, wasteful, require the lugging and lifting of heavy salt bags, and because they are terrible for the environment, they are banned in some states.

Hard water can cause damage to your home and appliances, leave scale (hard water deposits), and drain your bank account. NuvoH2O uses CitraCharge, a proprietary citrus-based formula, to soften water rather than salt brine. Learn more about our hard water treatment and get in touch with us today to find yours.

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It's Simple

If you want a full explanation check out: How It Works. In short, the molecules in CitraCharge® keep the hard minerals too busy to stick to your pipes, fixtures, surfaces, and appliances. It is made with the same stuff found in lemons. Who doesn’t love lemons?

It's convenient

When your cartridge is depleted, about every 6 months, you simply replace the cartridge. There's no lugging and lifting heavy salt bags each month from the store to your car, into your home, down into your basement, and into the salt basin.

We even make it easy for you to remember when it is time to change your cartridge! Along with other benefits, our Auto-Ship Membership program delivers a new cartridge straight to your doorstep when it's time to replace your old one. How convenient is that?

It's Effective

CitraCharge, the technology that powers NuvoH2O's systems, is effective at preventing hard water scale build-up. We commissioned a third-party research firm to conduct extensive testing and the results were amazing. Feel free to read the NuvoH2O Efficacy and Consumer Benefits Study Summary.


It Removes Scale

NuvoH2O water softener systems can remove existing scale build-up. Over time, you will notice a decrease in the amount of crust you find on your faucets, pipes, and appliances.

It's Eco-friendly

Old-fashioned salt-based systems go through a brine flush every night, dumping heavily salted water back into the water supply. This salt is very costly to remove. Day by day salt continuously builds up, slowly poisoning the environment.

NuvoH2O water softeners do not damage the environment. All of the water that runs through it is dispersed throughout your home for you to use. The water that gets back to Mother Nature is better off. The citric acid lowers pH levels to where plants can thrive. What a treat for your house plants too!

It's Healthy

Some people think hard water is unhealthy, but hard water is not bad for you. The World Health Organization and the National Research Council, among others, have found that hard water can be an important source of calcium and magnesium. NuvoH2O leaves these important minerals in the water but prevents them from causing problems in your home.

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Benefits of Soft Water

The benefits of soft water extend far beyond mere convenience — they positively impact various aspects of daily life. Soft water is gentler on your skin and hair, leaving you feeling refreshed after every shower. It also helps extend the life of your clothing and linens by preventing the stiffness and discoloration often associated with hard water.

Soft water not only leads to cleaner and spot-free dishes and glassware but also reduces the need for excessive cleaning and costly maintenance of household appliances, such as water heaters and dishwashers, due to the absence of limescale buildup. Moreover, soft water allows for the efficient use of detergents and soaps, saving you money and reducing environmental waste. The advantages of soft water encompass not only enhanced personal comfort and cleanliness but also cost savings, environmental responsibility, and the preservation of your home's appliances and plumbing, making it a valuable investment for any household.

If you’re looking for hard water treatment or hard water testing to determine whether hard water is present in your home, our team at NuvoH2O is here for you! Get in touch with us to find a salt-free water softener today.