Social Impact

At NuvoH2O, we are committed to improving the quality of life of all people. We focus primarily on improving water quality at home, in our communities, and around the world.

Cause "Fore" Paws

August 3, 2021

Our fantastic team set out before the sun peaked its blazing head from behind our lovely mountains. Braving dewy mounds (aka: wet shoes and grass stains), our team lugged heavy coolers of ice, water, and boxes filled with all sorts of fun goodies to hand out, across the vast green of the Red Ledges golf course. All in an effort to provide a super fun and memorable event to the unselfish individuals who so kindly donated their precious cash and time to this heart-warming event!

This month we had the opportunity to sponsor the Cause Fore The Paws golf event which was put together by Paws for Life Utah. Paws for life is a non-profit, volunteer run organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs, cats, and other “at risk” animals from municipal shelters find “forever loving homes” through community partnerships, education, and adoption events. They also work with several veterinary care clinics to provide medical care, immunizations, spay & neutering, as well as microchipping each pet that enters their program.

Odgen Trail Cleanup

July 8, 2021

Through Ogden city we were able to organize a cleanup along a section of the Ogden River Parkway trail that runs from Washington Blvd west to the 21st pond. Ogden city kindly provided us with trash pickers, bags, and turned us loose!

Our team worked for several hours picking up trash and other various items along this beautiful and popular trail, helping to make it a cleaner and safer place for the community. When all was said and done, they had a total of 5 very large bags full of trash along with a couple of scary needles and one random tire!

Youth Futures

May 27, 2021

NuvoH2O employees spent two days tie-dying t-shirts with the kids staying at the Youth Futures Home in Ogden, UT. Youth Futures provides safe shelter, collaborative resources, respectful guidance and diverse support to homeless, unaccompanied, runaway and at-risk youth in both Northern and Southern Utah. The shelter is open 24/7 and available to any youth ages 12-18.

Each week they head out to the streets in search of youth in need, to build rapport and encourage the youth to access drop-in and shelter services. Essential supplies (i.e. Hygiene kits, blankets), case management services, and access to community resources like medical care and employment are offered.

The Ogden Nature Center

April 16, 2021

In honor of Earth Day, NuvoH2O had its first ever company wide project where we assisted the Ogden Nature Center with habitat restoration by removing weeds.

Pulling weeds sounds like unfair torture set upon you by your parents for not making your bed or staying out past curfew, but in this case our team made it a time to be envious of! We probably had more fun than we should have learning about the different kinds of “weeds” and plant life surrounding us, trying to hunt them down like a four-leaf clover in a vast never ending clover field shouting “jackpot” while jumping for joy and shoving it in everyone's face upon success.

Props to the Nature Center employees who not only put up with this bunch of silly clowns but who were more than forgiving when we accidentally pulled a “good weed” or two...oops, who knew?! In all, it was a fantastic experience to be out in the fresh air, one with nature, and with our amazing team of jokesters having laughs and being able to give back a little to our beautiful great state and community.

The Road Home

February 10, 2021

Today the fantastic 4 set out to feed some folks! We had the pleasure of spending the afternoon helping out the kind folks down at the Gail Miller Resource center in Salt Lake and, thank the kitchen gods, we didn’t have to cook a single item. You’re welcome Salt Lake!

The Road Home is a private nonprofit social services agency helping out individuals and families experiencing homelessness along the Wasatch Front. Not only do they provide a safe haven for folks and emergency shelter, they also help individuals get back on their feet and into warm housing.

Community Christmas

December 9, 2020

After hours of shopping and admittedly playing with all the toys we could find, we took our well picked out stash to the Community Christmas center in Ogden. On the first day of volunteering, what started out as what can only be described as a chaotic mound of “stuff”, soon became organized piles divided into proper sizes and categories thanks to our volunteer efforts. After everything was sorted, we then had the job of "shopping" for families, compiling their children's lists of wants and needs and then ensuring that the bags were properly tagged and accounted for for each family, a simple task for no one.

Watching our team dig in, get things done in a hurry, and go over their allotted time just to be able to help others in need is all part of the spirit of Santa, yes Santa. You see Virginia, Santa does exist, and he exists inside all of us. Being able to help make someone's Christmas happen was/is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, it is part of what the spirit of Santa is.

Community Christmas is a benefit event for over 1,000 families in the Weber, Davis and and Box Elder areas. They serve approximately 2,500 children who are not receiving Christmas assistance from other Sub-4 Santa programs. All volunteers are unpaid and have been providing assistance to the communities for 10 years now. This is truly a grassroots movement which has no plans of ever stopping.