Social Impact

At NuvoH2O, we are committed to improving the quality of life of all people. We focus primarily on improving water quality at home, in our communities, and around the world.

Project Bike Trail

April 2023

Mission log: And the thunder rolls… On this day we braved the storm to help clean up one of the bike trails in our own community, but at least there was no lightening… or rain on this cold and cloudy day. Together we managed to pick up a whole truck load of trash and have some fun along the way.

Project Sandbag

April 2023

Mission log: Faced with rising river water, David’s community (one of our own) set out to fill 300 sandbags. NuvoH2O to the rescue, well, sort of. With the blessing of our President, we sent a small crew to help fill and place sandbags.

21 Street Pond Cleanup

July 20,2022

And into the woods we went, but not really, okay, kind of really. This month we braved the heat to help clean up the pond on 21st street in Ogden. Although we couldn’t get everything, we sure tried! After 14 volunteers provided 28 hours of service, three shopping carts and a dozen XL garbage were cleaned up and our mission was accomplished!

Pet Adoption Event

March 5, 2022

This past weekend we had the bitter-sweet opportunity to assist the Davis County Animal Care team in a pet adoption event held at our local PetSmart. Not so bright (it was a cloudy day) and early we all met at the animal shelter to pick up our pups. We each then transported our four-legged friends down to the local PetSmart to put them on display and by “display” we mean proudly walk them around, show them off, train them, play with and perhaps even spoil these little guys, and gals. Together our team was able to help four sweet pets find their furever homes and a new foster family for another.

We’d like to remind everyone to check their local animal shelter first when looking for a new pet. A big thank you to PetSmart and the Davis County Animal Care team for letting us help out!

Community Christmas

December 9, 2021

Santa’s little helpers were at it again. This year, thanks to lighter Covid restrictions, Community Christmas was able to put on their full holly jolly festival which includes a carnival for the kiddos to be entertained/distracted at while the adult’s “shop” for their little angels and a visit with the big guy himself, yup good ole’ Santa Claus.

When we arrived, it was all hands-on deck to prep for the arrival of the goodies. Then the flood gates opened, people from all over swarmed to moving truck after moving truck, fully packed personal trailers, and carload after carload to unload the massive amounts of gifts donated from loving folks. To see adults, children, and spunky teenagers pitch in to provide a fabulous event for those less fortunate than us is truly a heartwarming experience and one that we are so grateful to be a part of.

Community Christmas is a benefit event for over 1,000 families in the Weber, Davis and Box Elder areas. They serve approximately 2,500 children who are not receiving Christmas assistance from other Sub-4 Santa programs. All volunteers are unpaid and have been providing assistance to the communities for 10 years now.

This is truly a grassroots movement which has no plans of ever stopping.

Meet Walter

September 22, 2021

Walter has been given to the family of Hossen A. There are 9 family members in this household from Reef Hama, Syria. They have been living in a refugee camp in Jordan for 10years.

Lifting Hands International

September 22, 2021

Ready. Set. Go! The Great Hygiene Kit Race was on! The goal: to make 100 hygiene kits for refugees (50 kits per team). The prize: Name the milk goat!

We divided our volunteers into two teams of six, Thing 1 and Thing 2. The evil queen separated the groups that had formed, forcing folks from different departments of the company to work together. Divide and conquer was the motto for the day, plus it was a great way for folks to get to know and work with others outside of their own little in-house community.

Both teams were off to a great start, supplies flying everywhere! It was neck and neck as Thing 2 finished only seconds before Thing 1, or thought they had… they realized, as did Thing 1, that they had a few random items leftover that had not been placed into the kits. “Nay Nay” said the evil queen, “no items shall be left behind!”. The crews gave each other a panicked look and hysterical madness set in as both teams struggled to re-check each and every kit they had put together in an effort to find the missing pieces and beat the other team! After some technical difficulties, we determined that it was pretty much a tie as both teams screamed “finished” at almost exactly the same time after all, well, most of the missing items had been located and the kits finally complete.

In the end we had everyone write down a goat name and throw it in the hat. Our winner was, drum roll please, Walter. Yes, Walter the goat will be sent to help one of the many Syrian refugee families in Jordan. From what I hear Walter isn’t really that great at mending clothes or doing laundry but can make a mean creamy cheesecake. Our hearts couldn’t be happier for both Walter the milk goat and his or her new family. For more information on Lifting Hands International please visit

Cause "Fore" Paws

August 3, 2021

Our fantastic team set out before the sun peaked its blazing head from behind our lovely mountains. Braving dewy mounds (aka: wet shoes and grass stains), our team lugged heavy coolers of ice, water, and boxes filled with all sorts of fun goodies to hand out, across the vast green of the Red Ledges golf course. All in an effort to provide a super fun and memorable event to the unselfish individuals who so kindly donated their precious cash and time to this heart-warming event!

This month we had the opportunity to sponsor the Cause Fore The Paws golf event which was put together by Paws for Life Utah. Paws for life is a non-profit, volunteer run organization dedicated to helping homeless dogs, cats, and other “at risk” animals from municipal shelters find “forever loving homes” through community partnerships, education, and adoption events. They also work with several veterinary care clinics to provide medical care, immunizations, spay & neutering, as well as microchipping each pet that enters their program.