Why You Will Want a NuvoH2O Water Softener

Why You Will Want a NuvoH2O Water Softener

25th Aug 2021

Is it worth its salt?

Learn why NuvoH2O is different

Hard water is no fun in any household — you have to contend with hours of cleaning the limescale more frequently than you may like. Having a reliable NuvoH2O water softener for your home will help you avoid all these problems. NuvoH2O is the perfect water softener for your house. If you don’t believe me yet, here are reasons why you will want this softener.

 A smiling woman holding a glass of water standing at a kitchen counter.


First, the CitraCharge cell technology used is patented by the FDA. What this technology does is balance the pH level of the water through the chelation with citrine. Magnesium and calcium are what cause limescale formation and accumulation. So this technology reduces this problem significantly without necessarily changing how the water tastes in the mouth.

 A smiling woman holding a glass of water standing at a kitchen counter.

Accommodates Various House Sizes

NuvoH2O comes in three different systems; home, manor, and studio. The home system is ideal for places less than 2000 square feet, i.e, homes with no more than three people. This model provides up to 15 GBM. The manor model is the largest of the three and is ideal for use in houses bigger than 2000 square feet and has a flow rate of 18 GBM making it ideal for larger homes. Lastly, the studio system was specifically built for smaller homes or an RV. It has a water flow of 15 GBM which is enough for one person.

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It Is a Salt-Free Water Softener

What it means to have a salt-free water softener is that the minerals in the hard water are retained for consumption rather than removing them. What NuvoH2O does is manipulate the minerals and prevent the build-up of limescale. The system requires no electricity and conserves your water since no salt is washed away.

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Easy Maintenance

Maintenance and cartridge replacement is quite easy and direct for all the available systems. The studio system requires replacement after 10,000 gallons has passed through and the home system after 20,000 gallons. Finally, the manor system should be replaced after 50,000 gallons of water have been softened.

Try a NuvoH2O Water Softener Today

These are just but a few of the reasons why you should have a NuvoH2O water softener in for your house. This salt-free water softener system from NuvoH2O will save you from the trouble of having to clean your tiles more often than you may want.

Learn why NuvoH2O is different