When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Citrus Cleaner (How to Make Citrus Cleaner at Home)

When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Citrus Cleaner (How to Make Citrus Cleaner at Home)

Published by NuvoH2O on 15th Dec 2020

Chances are at some point in your lifetime, you’ve seen someone use citrus or something citrus-based for cleaning. While it may have been turned into something of the past when harsh chemical cleaners started to go on sale in retail stores across the country, the truth is that some of those “tricks” our grandmas had for cleaning were actually just the more natural way of doing things.

As we move toward being a greener society, more and more people are ditching chemical cleaners for more natural, nature-friendly solutions. At NuvoH20, our mission is to help people soften their water without the damaging effects of salt. Our salt-free water softener also uses the power of citrus to not only soften your water and rid your home of hard water residue, but also to take care of the hard-water buildup that already exists in your home. The power of citrus as a natural cleaner can never be underestimated, and we’re here to help you make use of it.

How to Make Citrus Cleaner for a Greener Home

With our whole-house water softening systems, and the fact that they clean your home’s plumbing from the inside-out, we know the cleaning power of citrus better than most. In our effort to help people provide greener solutions in their home, we thought we’d help you learn how to make an all purpose cleaner just from citrus and other natural ingredients!

Get Your Ingredients

The first step to making your all-natural cleaning solution is to make sure you have the supplies handy, most of them being pretty simple. The only ingredients you’ll need are citrus peels, vinegar, water, and extra essential oils if you want to liven up the smell of citrus. Although there are some stone finishes where you might want to use a different cleaner, for the most part, this cleaner can be used all around your home.

The Process

Making your own natural cleaner is just a matter of mixing and waiting, really. You have a few different options to go with to make it truly your own, but this simple process will get you a cleaner that’s great for most of the rooms and items in your home:

  • Pack a jar, at least a quart, with citrus peels and then fill it up with vinegar. Let rest for at least two weeks.
  • After two weeks, discard the peels and add ½ a cup of the vinegar to two cups of water, and whatever essential oils you think will mix well with the citrus-vinegar
  • That’s it! That’s all it takes to create a natural cleaning solution at home.

When you use this citrus-based cleaning solution, you’ll get a shine in your bathroom and on appliances that you’ll love. It might make you wonder how we ever got so far away from it. At NuvoH20, we’ve put that thinking into play to develop our water softening system, so you don’t have to worry about buying citrus based cleaners to continually remove hard water buildup in your home.

Get a Greener Water Softening System With NuvoH20

At NuvoH20, we know how much of a problem hard water can be, as well as the problems that traditional salt-based water softening systems can cause. NuvoH20, and our salt-free water softener that utilizes citrus instead of sodium, is the answer. Our system will bind to the hard water minerals to help them flow out of your plumbing and off of surfaces, and it can help give you a better experience with all of your water-using appliances. Order whole home water softeners, taste filtration systems, dishwasher cleaning systems, and more from NuvoH20 today to help fight the effects of hard water.