What to Do With Old Water Filters? Reuse or Recycle?

What to Do With Old Water Filters? Reuse or Recycle?

10th Nov 2022

If you have an old water filter lying around, you may be wondering what to do with it. Should you recycle it or try to reuse it? In today's blog, the team at NuvoH2O will talk about water filters, how to improve their lifespan, and what to ultimately do with them once they have run their course. If you are looking for a way to improve the water quality in your home or business, check out the NuvoH2O water softener systems.

How Does a Water Filter Work? 

A water filter is a device that is used to remove impurities from water by means of a physical barrier, chemical absorption, or biological process. Water filters are used in a variety of applications, including drinking water, pool water, aquariums, and more. While there are many different types of water filters available, some with more innovative and efficient ways to filter water, their principle is most likely the same for all of them. 

How Often Should I Change My Water Filter? 

Most water filters will need to be changed every three to six months, depending on the water quality and the type of filter. Water hardness plays an important role for water filters because the harder the water, the more quickly the filter will become clogged. 

How Do I Recycle My Old Water Filter? 

If you want to recycle your old water filter, there are a few options. You can check with your local recycling center to see if they accept water filters. Or, you can contact the manufacturer of your water filter to see if they have a recycling program. In most cases, water filters are usable one time and there's very little to be done to recycle them. Aside from the plastic that some of them have, water filters often have natural materials that will not harm the environment, so they are safe to throw away. 

A Water Softener System Can Help Your Water Filters 

Having a water softener filter in place can help to extend the life of your water filters. This is because a water softener system will remove or diminish the effects of the hard minerals in your water, which can cause build-up and clogging in your water filters. 

The water softener systems from NuvoH2O are designed to reduce the impact that water with high levels of minerals can have on your home appliances, filters, your clothes, and even your skin and hair. With the right water-softening system in place, you can see an improvement in appliance efficiency and quality of life for you and your loved ones. 

Install a Water Softener System Today 

Old water filters can be recycled or thrown away. If you want to extend the life of your water filters, consider using a water softener system to remove hard minerals from your water. NuvoH2O has a variety of water-softening systems that can meet the needs of any home or business. Visit our website today to learn more or look for an installer near you!

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