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What To Consider Before Buying a Salt-Free Water Softener

What To Consider Before Buying a Salt-Free Water Softener

12th May 2023

A salt-free water softener is an increasingly popular way to reduce the unpleasant side effects of hard water. Salt-free systems can make life a little easier by providing you with soft water without the need for additional salt. NuvoH2O, in particular, offers an innovative solution to hard water problems that is both environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Before buying a salt-free water softener, there are a few important factors to consider, including:





A salt-free water softener can be more expensive than a traditional system, but the savings in maintenance and energy costs are often worth it. The NuvoH2O system is particularly cost-effective since it requires no additional chemicals or electricity to operate.


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Water Quality

It’s important to make sure that your water meets the standards of a salt-free system before investing in one. NuvoH2O uses an advanced filtration process to eliminate the minerals that cause hard water, providing you with clean, soft water. Before deciding what type of water softener best suits your needs, we recommend you consider a water analysis to check for the presence of heavy metals, bacteria, and other contaminants. A water analysis can also help you determine the hardness of your current water.


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Size of Your Home

The size of your home will determine the size and type of water softener you need. NuvoH2O offers a variety of systems to suit any household, ranging from small apartments to large businesses. Consider how much water your home typically uses to choose the right size system for your needs.



Whole-Home Water Softeners or Point-of-Use Systems

NuvoH2O offers two types of systems: whole-home and point-of-use. Whole-home systems provide softened water throughout your home, while point-of-use systems provide soft water to specific fixtures or appliances. Consider the size of your home and how much-softened water you need before deciding which type of system is right for you.

Choosing a salt-free water softener can be a difficult decision, so make sure to weigh all of your options carefully before investing in one. NuvoH2O offers an innovative and cost-effective solution that will provide you with soft, clean water without adding harmful chemicals or electricity to your home. By considering the factors mentioned above, you can be sure to find the right system for your home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our salt-free water softener systems and find the right system for your home!

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