What Makes NuvoH2O Different

What Makes NuvoH2O Different

25th Aug 2021

And why is it a great product?

Learn Why NuvoH2O Is Different

Wondering if you need a water softener for your house? Most households are supplied with hard water for use. While hard water has no negative effect on drinking, you will agree that it is no good for your water pipes and heating appliances such as your dishwasher. NuvhoH2O is a salt-free water conditioner that softens your home water without removing the minerals. Tag along to find out more.

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Very Effective

Backed by CitraCharge cell technology, NuvoH2O has the best saltless softening system in the business. This technology is particularly beneficial in preventing the hard water scales from building up and also removing the scales that have already accumulated. That is not all! Unlike salt based water softeners, this technology helps retain all the good minerals found in hard water.

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First, you will only need to replace the cartridge twice every year. However, unlike salt softeners, you don’t have to go through the hassle of carrying salt bags every month to your basement. In a bid to make things easier for you, the Autoshop feature will send a new cartridge to your doorstep whenever it is time for a replacement. So there is a continuation and no lugging in the process.

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Retains the Goodness of Hard Water

While you may think that hard water is not good for drinking, it is a very good source of calcium and magnesium. Other softeners completely get rid of these minerals that cause havoc in your appliances, NuvoH2O simply prevents them from causing problems in your home appliances and pipes.

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Friendly to the Environment

Salt softeners go through brine flushing which returns heavy-salted water back to the supply. As the salt continues to build, it gets more poisonous to the ecosystem eventually. On the other hand, CitraCharge cell technology does the opposite. Every drop of water is distributed to your house and whatever gets to the environment is not poisonous. 

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Hard water is not bad for drinking, however, the damage it does to home appliances and pipes is undesired. Whenever you are in search of a salt-free water softener, remember that NovaH2O will always get the job done for you!

Learn Why NuvoH2O Is Different