We Love to Hear from our Customers!

We Love to Hear from our Customers!

Published by Tait Washburn on 23rd Aug 2021

Here at NuvoH2O we love to hear from our customers! While our Customer Service Department is always happy to help with customer problems, it’s always gratifying to hear about customers who love their NuvoH2O Water Softener System and have had a great experience.

Not to toot our own horn, but Toot Toot! Here are some of our favorite customer reviews that we’ve received.

A Satisfied Home System Owner

This homeowner in Texas not only loves their NuvoH2O water softener, they also had a great experience interacting with one of our Customer Care agents. ! Way to go Alina! Thank you for your excellent customer service!

I purchase the Home System in 2013 when I had a tankless water heater installed, to enhance the water quality and minimize the mineral buildup in the water heater. It has worked well and I have had only two issues. Both issues were covered under the [product] warranty. The last issue involved a cracked canister “cap” (the blue part) and was the original part installed in 2013. I made a claim and Alina in customer service handled the claim very efficiently and quickly. Within one business day, she confirmed that the claim was approved and a new replacement system would be shipped. I am extremely satisfied with the Home System and would recommend the System. Very impressed with the continuous assistance from Alina. I would recommend that a professional plumber install the system according to the manufacturer instructions.

TexasHomeowner Reviewed on lowes.com

Southern Indiana Water

Our goal is to provide great water to everyone, so we love to hear when our system fixes especially hard water like in Southern Indiana. Thanks Bill, for sharing!

Southern Indiana water is particularly hard. This system was offered to me by [a] friend who owns [a] plumbing company. Simple installation by him. Easy filter change every six months. (Important to follow instructions on soaking [the cartridge] to avoid bluish tint to water...safe, but noticeable). Great value compared to traditional salt systems.

Bill Reviewed on lowes.com

Seeing Results

We love it when a customer sees results right away! Better tasting water is just the icing on the cake.

Purchased from HD Spring Hill, Fl and installed 4/22/19. Neighbor with plumbing experience installed it in less than 2 hours. Saw a difference in a day and a huge difference within 72 hours in water softness. Clothes washer, dishwasher, shower - soap actually cleans now and bubbles. Water and ice cubes taste better. Never realized how bad the hard water was here, feels now like we moved into a new house. Kicking ourselves we didn't get Nuvo years ago. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

JRSIB Reviewed on Home Depot

Taking Care of the Customer

We strive for customer satisfaction in everything we do. So when we hear a customer has recommended us to their friends and neighbors, it warms our water-loving hearts!

I had the Home NUVO system installed about 4 years ago. Like any product, sometimes components wear out [and] quit working. My experience with NUVO can be easily defined as fantastic customer service! I have recommended this product to my neighbors, everyone is very satisfied with the product's performance and the quality customer service.

InandOut Reviewed on lowes.com

Saving Water, Saving the Environment

There are so many great things about the NuvoH2O systems it would be hard to name a favorite, but if we had to, one of them would be that our systems don’t waste water the way old-fashioned systems do. With particularly hard water, scale buildup from years without a softener, and living in a water-scarce part of the country, HappyOwner is exactly the kind of customer we are proud to serve with our uniquely eco-friendly system.

The system was professionally installed 14 days ago. This is a very early evaluation. I live in the desert. Water conservation and elimination of waste brine (from a salt based system) were two important considerations for choosing the system. The water here is extremely hard. Some estimates are 40 grains per gallon or higher. The fixtures and pipes had heavy scale buildup when the house was purchased.

In the 14 days of use, there is noticeable reduction in deposits and spotting in the stainless steel kitchen sink. The new and expensive dishwasher produces sparkling clean dishes, when the manufacturer’s instructions for effective drying are followed. Showers do not have the “slippery” feel of ion exchange (salt based) softened water.

This early period has been excellent for the water treatment system. I hope that remains true for the longer term.

HappyOwner Reviewed on Home Depot

We Love Our Customers

All of us at NuvoH2O love to read our reviews, and we love looking for where we can improve as a company as well as our success stories. For everyone out there that has our system and has something to say about it, leave a review at homedepot.com, lowes.com, or on Google. It makes our day to hear from you, to know that our systems are making people’s lives better.

To everyone who has left us a glowing review that was not featured here, we see you and appreciate you more than you know! Your reviews brighten our days!