The Most Important Tips for Summer Water Conservation

The Most Important Tips for Summer Water Conservation

27th Jul 2022

As we soon hit the peak of summer, you may notice that your water bill is suddenly higher than it usually is throughout the year. Higher water bills occur in the summer because homeowners tend to use more water during this season, simply due to the heat and the overall dry weather conditions. It is important to conserve water as it not only saves you money but also helps the environment thrive. Although you may think that simply cutting back on water usage is the solution, most homeowners do not realize just how often they use water to complete everyday tasks, which is water usage that can easily be avoided. At  NuvoH2O, we are committed to helping our customers conserve water this summer by providing some useful tips! Visit our website today to learn more.

Avoid Washing All Dishes By Hand

As the summer rolls around and the kids are no longer in school, you may find yourself dealing with a lot more dirty dishes than usual. If you own a dishwashing machine, you likely struggle with dishes that never seem to get clean, as they may look faded or downright dirty. An excellent  dishwasher system by NuvoH2O can be the solution to your problems, as this device prevents hard water scale build-up, leaving dishes sparkling clean. No more need to give your dishes a second wash by hand, which only wastes more water and leads to higher utility bills.

thawing frozen vegetables

Thaw Your Frozen Foods

Nothing beats some delicious steaks during summer family cookouts. No matter the type of food you will be eating, if kept in the freezer, you must thaw it before you can cook it. One of the most common ways to speed up the thawing process is by running cold water over your food for long periods of time. This process can waste numerous gallons of water, as it usually takes some significant time for frozen foods to unthaw. To best conserve your water, make sure to take out any frozen foods from the freezer long before you plan to cook them, as letting them naturally unthaw can save you lot’s of water!

woman removing clothes from washer

Be Cautious When Washing Laundry

Washing laundry wastes numerous gallons of water every time it is done. Evermore so if your clothes never seem to be adequately cleaned, which may have something to do with having hard water in your home. Hard water scale build-up can damage your clothing or simply create the need for multiple washes. Instead of dealing with more water usage, install a NuvoH2O  home water softener, which prevents the damage done by hard water. Some additional tips when washing laundry include only washing once you have a full load of clothing, as this prevents the need for multiple cycles and conserves your water! Also, make sure to choose the washing machine setting that uses less waster, and avoid using the permanent-press setting!

Avoid At Home Car Washes

Nothing beats a nicely cleaned vehicle when hitting the road this summer. Although you may be tempted to wash your car at home, there are various reasons why you should avoid wasting your precious water. First of all, if your home has hard water, it can damage your vehicle's paint job due to the high mineral content. Second, washing a vehicle by hand requires lots of water, as you must first wash and then rinse every aspect of your vehicle. Instead of doing it at home, it may be best to simply take your vehicle to your local car wash!

We hope these tips will help you conserve water this summer while putting more money into your pocket. NuvoH2O provides all the water softening products you need to avoid the terrible damage that occurs from hard water, which leads to significant water consumption and unnecessary costs. Check out our products online today to learn more about the benefits!