Responsible Softening With A Salt-Free Citrus Water Softener

Responsible Softening With A Salt-Free Citrus Water Softener

Published by NuvoH2O on 19th Jan 2021

When it comes to having hard water, we at NuvoH20 understand your desire to get softer water for your home. After years of dealing with hard water, you may be fed up and ready to get a water softening or water filtration system in fast. However, before you install a traditional salt-based water softener, we encourage you to stop and think about the other costs that this might have to you and the area around you.

With salt-based water softening, you invite a myriad of problems that are different and less obvious than hard-water, but arguably worse. However, there is another way. NuvoH20 offers a whole home water softening system that uses the power of citrus to solve your hard water problems and that doesn’t have the major detrimental effects to you, your family, or your environment. Our system keeps hard water and the waste of sodium out of your system.

Why Salt-Based Softeners Are More Dangerous Than Salt-Free

Making the switch from a system where you have to add salt to a salt-free system not only saves you the cost and hassle of adding salt, but it’s also a matter of health for you, your city, and the local environment when you make the decision on whether to go with a salt-free system. Providing all of the benefits of a salt-based softening system, but without all the hidden drawbacks, a water softening system like the ones from NuvoH2O are the clear answer for responsible citizens and homeowners, especially in areas already limited in resources.

The Cost to Your Health

As we’ve all been made well aware of over the years, too much sodium can be bad for your health. This isn’t really news, but the way that relates to water softeners still is to many people. When you soften water with salt, you’re adding sodium to every dish of food, every glass of water, even every toothbrush rinse. While those who still make salt-based water softeners will tell you this is only dangerous to people with hypertension (high blood pressure), the fact is, that’s many americans. Your water shouldn’t become dangerous to you just because you’re going through a stressful time or put on a few extra pounds in the winter. Not only that, but because the hardness of your water directly correlates to how much salt is needed, those with the hardest water are constantly consuming higher than normal amounts of sodium, pushing their risk of high blood pressure and hypertension higher.

The Cost to Your Neighbors

The cost of too many salt-based based water softening systems in one area can be high, so much so that it will eventually come back on taxpayers or individual residents to either pay for completely new and technologically advanced water treatment systems to deal with the excess salt and resulting chlorine, or to buy their own individual systems that don’t use salt. The simplest solution is to just stop using salt-based softeners, but then you’d be back to square one. However, using a salt-free, citrus based system will result in better running water for you, with a treatment that water treatment facilities can process.

The Cost to the Environment

Aside from the cost to your local municipalities, your community will see the costs in the environment as well. Not only are residents in certain areas dealing with water that is too salty for certain agricultural practices, but they are also starting to run into the problem of too much chlorine in their groundwater, lakes, and rivers. This is a major problem for fish and other marine life, and the entire ecosystem as a result. Eventually, you’ll see the results in the area around you if everyone continues to use salt-based instead of salt-free water softening systems.

Get Your Environmentally Friendly Water Softener Today

Just because salt isn’t the answer doesn’t mean that you can’t have a salt-free softener and softened water in your life. At NuvoH20, we provide water softeners, taste filtration systems, dishwasher cleaning systems and more, all to help combat the effects of hard water in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Shop with us online today and get all the great benefits of soft water in your home!