NuvoH2O System Installation Guide

NuvoH2O System Installation Guide

Published by Tait Washburn on 24th Jan 2022

For those of us that are confident in our plumbing skills or if you have a favorite plumber that isn't familiar with the NuvoH2O system, we have produced a new installation video to make sure your system is working correctly. To make sure your NuvoH2O system works, is easy to maintain, and to make future cartridge changes easier, watch the video above and follow these steps:

Step 1: Verify the water main has been shut off.

Step 2: Attach mounting bracket to the studs in the wall. Ensure the bracket is level.

Step 3: Remove all plastic and package contents.

Step 4: Attach the head of the system to the mounting bracket. Make Sure the system is installed vertically with the blue head at the top.

Step 5: Install a pressure regulator ahead of the NuvoH2O system. Set at 45-65 PSI.

Step 6: Install a bypass. Follow the diagram provided.

Step 7: Use 3 to 4 wraps of Teflon tape to seal the connections. Be sure not to over-tighten the connectors. Use flexible hoses to connect the inlet pipe to the inlet port on the system. Use flexible hoses to connect the outlet pipe to the outlet port on the system.

Step 8: Lubricate the o-ring at the top of the sump. Use the packet found in the system box.

Step 9: Remove the protective plastic wrap from the cartridge before inserting into the housing.

Step 10: Insert and seat the cartridge into the sump.

Step 11: Please the sump directly under the head. Carefully screw in sump, with cartridge inside, until hand tight. Secure with wrench provided.

Step 12: Open the pressure release valve on the top of the head using the screwdriver (do not remove the valve, just loosen it). Place a bucket under the system to catch any spills.

Step 13: Open the first bypass valve allowing the sump to fill with water. When water leaks from the pressure release valve at the top of the head, tighten to close it.

Step 14: Close the first bypass valve, allow cartridge to sit in the housing without water flow for one hour. Open main valve, thus allowing water to flow throughout the household while cartridge sits.

Step 15: After one hour, close the main bypass valve and open the first and last bypass valves, allowing water to flow through the system.

Consult a plumbing professional if needed, and enjoy your new NuvoH2O water softener!