NuvoH2O on The Build Show

NuvoH2O on The Build Show

Published by Erin Fonoti on 2nd Jun 2022

NuvoH2O on The Build Show


In January, 2022, NuvoH2O was featured on The Build Show. We are honored and humbled to have been able to partner with such a figurehead in the building industry!


For those of you who prefer to read rather than watch videos, we took the liberty to capture Matt's review of our product in written format. Please note, this is not an exact transcript, but it does accurately represent his sentiment portrayed in the video.

On The Build Show today, we're talking water.


What a benefit that we have plumbing in our houses, and I can get a beautiful glass of water straight from that faucet. But water - when it comes into your house - especially if it's hard water, brings some problems. We've all seen this - that scale build-up that happens. In my last house, before I built this one, I didn't have a softening system, and my water tankless water heater scaled up on me all the time because of hard water. Now in this new house, I'm in the same neighborhood as my old house, and I wanted to put a softener system in, but when my wife found out, she said, "Absolutely not! I do not want that feeling in the shower of I can't get the soap off!" So, here I am thinking, "well, I want the benefits of no scale, but what am I going to do? My wife does not want the traditional softening system?"


On The Build Show, today I'm going to show you a system that totally blew me away! I had no idea this was out there in the marketplace that solves both of those issues. Today's Build Show is sponsored by NuvoH2O. Let's get going!


All right, so traditional softeners - we've seen them - all they have a big tank. You've got a lug a salt bag from the grocery store and fill it up. They do a brine flush on a nightly basis, and you have to have a drain system for them. You have to have electricity, they're pretty big; you need a pretty decent amount of space in your garage for them. But what we're talking about today is a totally different system. This NuvoH2O system is installed right on the main water line into my house, so it's basically the first thing right after my shut-off valve. This system has two cartridges. One of these cartridges is what's actually doing the work to prevent that scale. Some people call it a softener; some call it a conditioner; it doesn't really matter; what matters is this will prevent the scale build-up in your home. And it's doing it a different way! Instead of the salt that a traditional system uses, this uses citrus.


Here's how it works; the citric compound binds to the hard water minerals, so the minerals can't bind to your pipes and surfaces. This system prevents the scale from happening in your home's water system and will actually remove the existing scale if installed into a house that's not brand new. The other cool thing about the Manor Duo is it includes a filter. This dual cartridge system has a filter first, so any junk coming in from the line will get caught before moving into the rest of your home. Next, it's going to soften it with this citrus cartridge. Now, what's cool here is it doesn't need electricity or a drain system, and I've got a really compact footprint, so for me, this was a gift from heaven. I'm getting what I need, but I'm also not getting the traditional salt system that has that kind of slimy feeling we get in the shower. I've just lived in the house for a couple of weeks now. We've had a lot of showers, and my wife has no idea that I've got a water softener system installed because it feels like the old house. It feels like traditional hard water, but in fact, we're preventing the scale build-up in our home. A couple other benefits; it tastes great, and I have no difference in taste from the hard water that I had before, which I like. The other big deal is you can water house plants. With s a traditional softener system, you don't want that salt, that sodium, in your water. It's bad for our house plants. This one, the NuvoH2O system, no big deal.


Now, you need to replace these cartridges regularly, about every six months. You're going to want to replace both your filter and the softening cartridge. I've got a bigger house with some teenagers that take long showers, so I might replace mine slightly earlier, at like five months. But these are pretty reasonably priced at 135ish bucks for placement cartridges. So we're not talking about a lot of money. Changing the cartridges is pretty straightforward. NuvoH2O also makes two smaller cartridge systems that are more like point-of-use systems. So, for instance, I mentioned that my old house's tankless water heater scaled up on me. Had I known, I could have bought one of their Water Heater Systems - it's a small one intended just for the water that's going into the water heater to prevent scale - it could really make a difference on tankless or tanked unit. They also make a dishwasher-specific system, the Dishwasher System. This would be mounted underneath your kitchen sink and plumbed on the water line going into your dishwasher. It would really extend the life of your dishwasher. This would be an easy way to get the benefits in just a specific spot if you couldn't retrofit the system for your whole house.


I love it. I've only been in the house a couple of weeks, but as I said earlier, the water tastes great; the shower seems normal, but I know we're preventing that scale. That's a really big deal for me, guys! Frankly, this was like a drop out of heaven for me because I didn't think there was a system like this. I was gonna go without it, and I'm so glad that I found these guys.