How Do I Soften My Well Water?

How Do I Soften My Well Water?

10th Nov 2022

If you're among the 15% of Americans who get their water from a private well, you may be wondering how to soften your water. While there are a number of water softening systems on the market, NuvoH2O offers a unique salt-free option that doesn't remove the beneficial minerals from your water. In today's blog, NuvoH2O will expand on the topic of hard and soft water and some of the things you can do to soften your well water.

What's Hard Water? 

Hard water is water that contains high levels of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. These minerals are found naturally in water and can become more concentrated depending on the water source. When water comes into contact with rocks and soil, it picks up these minerals and carries them into your home. Hard water can cause a number of problems, such as: Soap scum build-up on fixtures and clothing Clogged pipes Reduced water flow

How Do I Test for Hard Water? 

There are a few ways to test your water to see if it is hard. The most common way is to use a water hardness test kit, which can be purchased at most hardware stores. These kits usually require you to take a water sample and then add a few drops of liquid to the water. The kit will then change color to indicate the level of hardness in your water. Another way to test for hard water is to look for signs around your home. Some of the signs can be soap film or spots on your dishes, discolored water, or sometimes an odd metallic flavor in your water. If you notice any of these signs, it's likely that you have hard water.

Dealing With Hard Water Can Be Beneficial for Your Entire Home 

While water softeners are often thought of as a way to improve the quality of water for bathing and cleaning, they can also have a number of other benefits. You can be saving money in the long run by preventing mineral build-ups in your pipes and other appliances that are constantly using water. Your hair and skin can also see an improvement by not drying as much as they would normally do with hard water.

Install a Water Softener for Your Well 

If you have a private well, there's a chance that your water is hard water. Hard water can cause a number of problems in your home, such as soap scum build-up, clogged pipes, and reduced water flow. However, NuvoH2O offers a salt-free water softening system that uses CitraCharge, a citrus-based process, that can help you improve the water quality from your well. Contact our team today to get your water softener installed!

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