How A Water Softening System Benefits Your Plumbing

How A Water Softening System Benefits Your Plumbing

Published by NuvoH2O on 12th Oct 2020

Water softening systems can have a great deal of everyday benefits to those who choose to install them in homes suffering from hard water. Hard water leaves a significant amount of residue all over your life, as calcium and other hard water minerals get left on almost every surface they touch, from plumbing to dish towels.

If you’re looking for savings, the money you’ll save on plumbing and appliance repairs, as well as the various cleaning products needed to fight hard water scale build-up, is where most of the benefit comes from with a water softener. At NuvoH2O®, our salt-free water softening systems give you all the benefits of soft water without the hassle and environmental impact of adding salt to the system, including being your plumbing’s first line of defense.

How You’ll Save On Plumbing With NuvoH2O

If you’re wondering how a water softener can save you money on plumbing, the more appropriate question may be, “How won’t it?” A water softening system is your first and best line of defense against the hard water scale build-up that follows your plumbing throughout the home. Plumbing is expensive to repair and replace in itself, but the problems extend as far as your water spreads. Here are just a few areas where you could see big savings because you’ll no longer have hard water infecting your home.

Less Clogging

As anyone who’s dealt with hard water for very long knows, one of its most tangible effects is helping to produce less than ideal water pressure. This is how you know your pipes and fixtures are slowly clogging with hard water scale build-up. Not only does this mean you likely have a shower that drips instead of sprays, but it means your hot water heater is working harder than it should have to. This could potentially increase both your water and electricity bills. Adding a water softener system keeps your hard water problem from forming a hole in your pocket.

Fewer Repairs

With less clogging, will come fewer repairs. The hard water builds up in your pipes and degrades them over time to where they no longer function and need to be replaced. However, before they stop functioning completely, you could see some vastly worse impacts. Hard water build up forces pipes, especially at the joints, to see more pressure than they normally would. This could cause pipes to burst, which opens up several layers of problems that would also require repairs.

You can either try your best to stay ahead of the problem, replacing certain pipes and joints piece by piece, making a puzzle out of your floor or ceiling drywall, or you could invest in a water softening system. With NuvoH2O®, you’ll get a system that not only stops hard scale build-up, but one that helps reverse it through our own citrus empowered softening system.

Saved Appliances

Another area that you’ll see improvement, but where you might not realize just how much your lifetime savings could be, is with your household appliances. Since your water and your plumbing connect to most of the major appliances and the rest are still washed and cared for with that water, it could affect all of them. Most often, dishwashers, washing machines, baths, and showers get the worst of it. This is a two-fold problem created by hard water build-up.

First, these major water pumping appliances will start to have major hard water build up over time, this will affect their piping and all the surfaces covered with water in the washing process. Then, because of the chemical makeup of hard water, you won’t be able to lather and rinse soap as easily. Not only will the hard water leave scale build-up, but soap scum will be produced with every wash and slowly build up until you buy the cleaners to wipe it away. Getting a water softening system could save you thousands, maybe even tens of thousands, on appliance and fixture repair costs over the life of your home.

Invest in a Water Softening System Today

At NuvoH2O, our saltless water softening systems are the right choice for those who want to live more comfortably, save money, and save the hassle and environmental cost of a traditional water softening system. Order yours and take the stain of hard water scale off your life for good.