Four Signs That It’s Time for A Water Heater Replacement

Four Signs That It’s Time for A Water Heater Replacement

28th Jul 2022

Like any other appliance in your home, your water heater will eventually need to be replaced. Although nobody likes to think about the associated costs of replacing these units, it is important to install a new water heater once you notice signs that yours is no longer working as it should. It is critical that you have adequate heated water for numerous reasons, including, taking comfortable showers, washing dishes, cooking food, and much more. That said, it may be difficult to know when your water heater is no longer working well, so the experts at NuvoH2O are here to inform customers of signs you should look out for that indicate the need for replacement. We have the products you need to keep your new water heater running well for years to come, so visit our website to learn more today!

Your Water Heater is Getting Old

If your water heater is getting old, it's important to start considering a replacement. Most water heaters have a lifespan of eight to10 years, so if yours is reaching that age, it's time to start looking into your options. Waiting until your water heater breaks completely can be a costly mistake. Not only will you be without hot water, but you'll also have to pay for extra repairs on top of a brand new water heater. By being proactive and replacing your water heater before it breaks, you can save yourself time and money in the long run. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a new water heater, including the type of water heater – gas, electric, or tankless – the size of the water heater, and the overall costs! Make these decisions based on your home and family needs.

Hot Water is Running Out Too Fast

If you're finding that your hot water is running out too quickly, it may be time to replace your water heater. As water heaters age, they become less efficient and are unable to heat as much water at a time. This can lead to frequent shortages of hot water, especially if you have a large family or use a lot of hot water in your home. Avoid the annoyance of not having enough hot water by replacing your unit as soon as possible.

Hard Water Scale Build Up

If you have hard water, then you know that it can be tough on your plumbing. Over time, hard water scale build-up can cause corrosion and damage to your water heater. If you're noticing your water heater isn't working as well as it used to, it may be time for a replacement. Once you replace your unit with a brand new water heater, it may be a good idea to install our NuvoH2O water heater systemwhich prevents the negative effects of hard water build-up while removing scale. Best of all, our system will help extend the life of your new water heater, so there will be no need for replacement until many years down the line.

Dirty and Rusty Water

If you notice that your water heater is rusted, or the water produced is dirty, this may be a sign that the inside of your tank has corroded. As previously mentioned, corrosion often occurs due to your home having hard water, which is full of minerals that can lead to immense rust and effects of corrosion. Avoid using this tainted water by replacing your tank or installing NuvoH2O’s water heater system, which can easily break down the scale build-up found within your tank.

Your water heater may be failing for these reasons or more, so the best approach is to contact your local plumbing company that can help diagnose the issues. That said, ensure the function and extend the lifespan of your appliances with NuvoH2O’s soft water products. Check us out online to learn more or contact us today!