Everything You Need to Know About NuvoH2O

Everything You Need to Know About NuvoH2O

Published by NuvoH2O on 27th Apr 2020

Did you know that 85 percent of households in the United States have hard water, but only an estimated 30 percent of those homes have a hard water softener?

That means, because of the high mineral concentration found in hard water, millions of people could be living with stubborn scale build-up, hindering the water flow through their pipes and the performance of their plumbing fixtures and appliances. By extension, hard water is limiting the lifespan of those fixtures and appliances and wasting an untold amount of money. The worst part is, those people might not be aware that there’s a better way!

At NuvoH2O, it’s our mission to change the statistics and the conversation about water softening.

We developed our salt-free water softener systems to make scale — that icky residue left behind by the minerals in hard water — a thing of the past for homeowners across the country. But we went a few steps further because we didn’t want to offer just another run-of-the-mill option in a marketplace filled with water softeners.

Typical water softening systems use a process called ion exchange, which decreases the concentration of scale-causing minerals (calcium and magnesium) in hard water by replacing those ions with sodium ions. Then, all the water flowing through a home and out into the environment contains a higher concentration of sodium, which can be harmful to local marine and plant life.

Therefore, why not ditch the salt and use citrus, a natural “chelating” agent that stabilizes mineral ions without a negative environmental impact? And our CitraCharge® technology was born!

Check out this infographic to learn more about what makes CitraCharge a more attractive alternative to traditional salt-based, ion exchange water softening systems.

An additional benefit of the NuvoH2O system is that it does not remove healthy minerals from your water; it only keeps those minerals from wreaking havoc on your pipes and appliances!

We understand that no household or family budget is exactly the same, so we offer a number of different-sized water softening systems, as well as flexible and affordable financing options. Our systems are easy to install, require very little upkeep, and come with a five-year warranty.

If your home is plagued by hard water and you’re holding off on installing a softening system, what exactly are you waiting for? Contact NuvoH2O today to place your order and discover how much easier daily life can be with softer water!

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