Easier Washing and Cleaning With Soft Water

Easier Washing and Cleaning With Soft Water

Published by NuvoH2O on 5th Aug 2020

At NuvoH2O®, we know the stain that hard water buildup leaves on the homes it impacts. It’s both figurative and literal, as the hard water scale visibly builds up on your home while it’s residue blankets the rest of your home. You carry it around with you all day, to where you may begin to forget why. However, you don’t have to live that way if you invest in a water softening system.

While hard water isn’t a threat to your physical health, it’s certainly a threat to your comfort. Whenever we wash with hard water, some amount of soap scum and other hard water residue is left behind. This means dingier colors and rougher surfaces throughout your home. The fact that hard water touches so many aspects of your life makes it hard to argue that it doesn’t have some impact on your overall well being. Here are just a few ways we see it happening at NuvoH2O.

Hard Water Building up on Your Life

When it comes to hard water, people usually jump to the effects that it has on plumbing and the taste of your water, but it affects other areas of your life that are more of an issue around the clock because they affect your comfort and how you spend your time.

Hard Water Buildup on the Body

The way you carry around hard water residue starts at the most basic level — with your skin. Hard water can also help contribute to a variety of skin issues, that are at the very least cosmetic concerns, if not health concerns.

Some of the issues you can expect to see with hard water in relation to your skin are prematuring aging, and causing dry, flaky, or itchy skin. It could also increase the effects of preexisting acne and eczema. This is attributed to the soap scum left behind on your body and the free radicals that can form and break down collagen. However, with a NuvoH2O system, the minerals that cause this would flow right off of you.

Your Clothes and Linens

The difference in washing clothes, towels, and linens in hard water as compared to soft water is stark, or should we say starch? When you wash with hard water, your clothes and linens come out stiff. Instead of getting a comfy embrace from your towel, you’ll get something that is stiff and possibly even scratchy. It can get to the point where it’s surprising the towel even absorbs water. With a water softening system, you can get back to the comfort that most people get from freshly washed fabrics.

Your Household Appliances

When it comes to washing your home, you have two options with hard water. You can buy specialty products for all your different appliances and surfaces to help prevent hard water stains and build-up, or wash them with water and then the cleaning product after the stains show up. Either option is inefficient in regard to both your money and your time. Rather than spending money on cleaning products and having a constant battle with hard water scale, it would be easier to make the investment in a water softening system.

Buy Your Salt-Free Water Softener Today

At NuvoH2O, our own scientific formula has helped us come up with a water softener that is easier to maintain, more environmentally friendly, and potentially safer for humans because of its lack of sodium. With our salt-free water softener, you get water that flows freely, but that doesn’t have potentially harmful levels of salt and that still has the dietary benefits that magnesium and calcium can have. Buy yours today, and check it out with Carbon filter system (Manor Duo) as well. 

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