5 Signs Your Drain May Clog Soon

5 Signs Your Drain May Clog Soon

10th Nov 2022

Drains are a necessary part of our lives. It's where the used water (also called grey water) leaves our home to be processed by our water treatment plant or septic system filtration process. While we understand the function and necessity of our drains, if you've ever had a clogged drain, you know how frustrating it can be. Water backs up in your sink or tub, and nothing seems to fix the problem, warranting a call to your local plumber at times.

Here at NuvoH2O, we offer a top-rated hard water softener and filtration system for your home that uses a citrus-based system that prevents hard water scale buildup, protecting you and your appliances. It's healthy and it's environmentally friendly. While you can't always prevent a clog, there are some warning signs that your drain may be at risk. Learn about these below, and shop with us today!

Water Is Draining Slower Than Normal

If your water is draining slower than normal, odds are, there are particles blocking it. This can be anything that has gone down the drain that shouldn't have (and you parents know exactly what I'm talking about), or outside factors, such as tree roots.

You Can See Blockage in Your Drain or a Backup Occurs

This is the sign that shouts that you have a clogged drain. Having your drains backup can be extremely unpleasant, not to mention it can cause a lot of damage. If one drain is clogged, it can mean that there are other clogged drains, too.

There Is Standing Water in Your Drain

Another telltale sign that your drains are clogged is about to become even more clogged is if you have standing water in your drains. This means that there is something blocking the flow of water at some point in your piping system that needs to be taken care of.

There Are Unpleasant Odors Coming From Your Drain

There should not be any odors coming from your drains. If you smell foul odors coming from your bathtub, shower, or other drains, your sewer system and/or grey water is just not draining properly, and the smells are then lingering in the pipes and coming back up into your home or office space.

Your Drain is Gurgling

If your drain gurgles and sounds like gulping, your drains are most likely gulping for air as they are showing signs of being clogged. The water you use should have no problems draining unceremoniously.


Bottom line is you should be taking care of your drains every chance you get. NuvoH2O can help. We offer a top-rated whole-house water filtration system that can help. This system softens water by using a process called chelation. Here, the minerals found in hard water are isolated and neutralized, so they don't stick to your pipes as they pass by. Since they are bound, they also wash out of your hair, clothes, and appliances without sticking or causing harm. Chelation uses citric acid to accomplish this. It naturally decreases the pH level of hard water, neutralizing it and making it soft. This process protects your pipes, your drains, and your appliances.

Our water filtration company has made our proprietary water filtration system easy to use. Simply change out the replacement cartridges once every four to six months, and your system is good to go, continuing to soften and filter water for your use.

We guarantee you'll love our NuvoH2O water softening system. To learn more, stop by our site, or order online today!

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