​5 Daily Life Improvements of Soft Water

​5 Daily Life Improvements of Soft Water

Published by NuvoH2O on 18th Feb 2021

Living with hard water can be difficult. It’s something that literally latches onto you and your clothing and goes with you wherever you go. After a while, you may even lose consciousness of the fact that you’re covered in a substance that makes you and everything it touches just a little bit dingier than they would be otherwise, except for when you pull out the dishes from the dishwasher and see the latest hard-water pattern on your plates or dishes. There is a way to come back to reality though — with NuvoH2O’s salt-free water softening system.

At NuvoH2O, we provide water softening systems that are completely free of salt and that offer soft water throughout your home. With our system, you’ll be wondering how you ever went without soft water. It’s hard to realize when you’re literally covered in it all the time, but installing a salt-free water softener and having soft water again can improve the ease and comfort of so many aspects of your life.

The Little Things That Make Soft Water a Big Deal

Hard water has a number of effects on us that we simply live with once we get used to it. However, they could be affecting your quality of life. It may only be in small ways that you notice most on vacation or when you’re a guest somewhere, but those little things can add up to an overall lower quality of life because you don’t get the joy of those little things. Here are just a few ways your everyday life could be more enjoyable without hard-water issues.

Better Water Pressure

Better water pressure is something that most people are looking for when they install a water-softening system. Hot morning showers are so much better when the water can actually reach your scalp, rather than dealing with an inconsistent drip that makes you want to get in and get out. Not only that, but hard water can start to affect toilet pressure as well, making flushing more and more difficult. Installing a salt-free system from NuvoH2O will help to eliminate hard water buildup, gradually provide better water pressure, and then eventually clear your pipes so you’re spraying at full capacity.

Softer, More Hydrated Skin

When you shower in hard water, all the residue you see and feel on the surfaces throughout your home are also on your body afterwards. It’s not particularly harmful, except that it can dry out your skin and bring along the negative side effects that come with that. Switching to soft water with a salt-free softening system can bring back the softness of your skin as well.

A Fresh, Soft Towel Out of the Shower

Getting out of the shower, it’s nice to be able to dry yourself with a soft and warm towel. Feeling the soft cotton or other fabric on your face should be like a welcoming hug after a hot shower. However, with hard water, your towels can be stiff as a board, even a little prickly when you use them. You can get back that fluffy, fresh towel feeling with Nuvo.

Softer, More Vibrant Clothing

Your clothes are one of the main victims of hard water, they get completely submerged everytime they’re washed and never get a chance to fully shake it. This results in stiff clothing that fades fast over time. With hard water, it doesn’t make much sense to buy higher quality fabrics and designs because they’ll be ruined. However, when you switch to soft water, your clothes should come back to normal softness and no longer fade because of hard water.

Less Time Washing

Hard water can be deceiving, sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s clean and what’s not because of hard water residue. Even when dishes are clean, you may prefer to rinse and wipe them before you use them just because of the look and feel of your plate. This is all extra time and resources that could go to something other than an impossible battle. With soft water and a NuvoH2O softening system, it’s a battle you no longer have to fight.

Get Your Home Equipped With Soft Water Today

With NuvoH2O and our water softening, taste filtration, and dishwasher cleaning systems, you can have soft water and clean, smooth surfaces throughout your home. Have an all around better experience with your home and appliances by ordering online with us today!