2020: The Year of Soft Water?

2020: The Year of Soft Water?

Published by NuvoH2O on 6th Jan 2020

It’s that time again! The calendar turns, and people all over the world focus their attention on trying to live better. They set new goals and resolve to make changes to push them toward those goals.

Did you make any New Year’s resolutions for 2020? If so, you probably haven’t put much thought into the subject of soft water and how it can help your household run smoother, save you money and improve your quality of life.

And that’s okay; that’s why we’re here!

Before we make our case for ringing in the new year by installing a hard water softener in your home, here’s a quick reminder of what happens when you resist change and continue to live with hard water.

So, we’ve established that hard water is annoying, but is it really worth investing the money in a softening system? We think you’ll answer a resounding “yes” once you read through the following bullet points.

Soft water will:

  • Cut down on your cleaning time. The scale left behind by hard water means having to re-wash dishes because your dishwasher left them covered with spots. It means having to scrub and scrub to remove soap scum and scale from your tub, shower walls and showerhead. It means running clothes through the washing machine multiple times before you can wear them. Why do that to yourself?
  • Cut down on your cleaning costs. Soft water improves the effectiveness of cleaning products. And just imagine how much less product you’ll have to use when your water actually cleans your laundry and dishes, and you can wipe down your bathroom once and be done?
  • Cut down on energy costs. It’s easy to see why your power and water bills might be climbing with all the extra cleaning you’re doing to counteract the effects of hard water.
  • Allow your appliances to function more efficiently and avoid premature breakdowns. Scale does a number on the internal mechanisms of your water-based appliances, forcing them to work harder than they have to. Unless you want to replace your dishwasher and washing machine in 2020 or get all new faucets and fixtures in the kitchen and bathrooms, it’s a good idea to consider a water softener!
  • Smooth out your skin and restore the shine to your hair. Hard water dries you out from head to toe!If you’re tired of slathering moisturizer all over your body and struggling with lifeless locks, a water softening system can help you get back to looking your best this year.

If you haven’t torn up your first draft of New Year’s resolutions by now, or at least knocked “lose weight” and “eat better” down a few pegs, maybe you need to go back and read through this post again!

If you’re ready to take the plunge and kick hard water to the curb this year, NuvoH2O offers the ideal solution. Our salt-free water softener systems are affordable, easy to install, low-maintenance and come with a five-year warranty.

Check out our variety of options, or give us a call today to discuss your specific water softening needs!